What I Learned: Summer 2019

June - August 2019

1. When I’m feeling annoyed, it helps to ask what I am functionally believing I deserve

While listening to this podcast episode, the hosts shared this incredible piece of advice that has been SO helpful whenever I become annoyed: ask yourself what it is you are functionally believing you deserve. My most common answers to that question (in the spirit of brutal honesty): I deserve to be able to complete this task without being interrupted, I deserve this person’s full attention, I deserve quiet mornings, the list goes on. Once I’ve named what it is I’m functionally believing I deserve, I am able to quickly reorient my mind and heart to the truth of the gospel and what it is I actually deserve and what Jesus has given me instead. FRIENDS this has been so helpful to me. 

2. How to make change your life chicken

This recipe is the only chicken recipe that matters. It is so easy. It requires zero dishes to be washed (if you line your pan with aluminum foil which you absolutely should.) It is so delicious you’ll wish you could eat it every day for the rest of your life and guess what you can because it’s so easy to make.

3. I love powerwashing

This seems too small to mention but I spent a lot of hours powerwashing this summer and I loved it. It is so satisfying to make a deck or the siding of a house or a concrete path look brand new again for such little effort. 

4. “I am one in whom Christ dwells and delights. I live in the strong and unshakeable Kingdom of God; the Kingdom is not in trouble and neither am I.” 

This quote from James Bryan Smith (which he talks about in this podcast episode) has become a sort of mantra for me. There is so much truth packed into a few thoughtfully chosen words so it is something easy to remember while also being so powerful. 

5. Job and Abraham were contemporaries

I suppose I probably knew this at one time or another, but it never really sunk in. It is absolutely stunning to me that at the same time Job was asking the Lord  questions in the middle of his suffering, God was speaking promises of a coming Messiah to Abraham. 

6. Fear gives us the opportunity to have courage, and doubt gives us the opportunity to have faith

One of the hottest topics this summer in the evangelical subculture (God help us) was doubt and falling away from faith. After the gasps and the whispers, I think there were some really great discussions about faith and doubt happening, and maybe we could all use a little more of that. I love the way Mike Donehey (of Tenth Avenue North fame) explained it in this podcast episode: fear gives us the opportunity to have courage and doubt gives us the opportunity to have faith. This is liberating. 

7. Eskimo kisses ice cream is everything I love in an ice cream

I lived 22 years before learning that eskimo kisses ice cream exists. It is all my favorite things: chocolate, coconut, and ice cream. All the praise to our local coffee and ice cream shop for introducing me to my new favorite dessert. 

8. Food tastes better in its season

This summer I started paying closer attention to the timing of the produce we buy and eat. I followed some printables I found online (there are a million if you do a quick google search for seasonal eating) and found that the food just tasted...better. This should have been a no-brainer, but it was still amazing to me. (Fun fact: produce in season is also generally cheaper, so I can “splurge” on the organic stuff without actually splurging. Amen and amen.)

9. Paul Blart Mall Cop memes will always, always make me laugh

Literally always. If you were wondering what brand of humor hits my funny bone, it’s Paul Blart memes. I’m not proud, but I’m also not ashamed. I am who I am. 

10. Breastmilk contains antibodies that are created in real-time 

Josiah and I both caught a summer cold in the beginning of August, but somehow Abbie was just fine. I credit this to both prayers and also the fact that my breastmilk was protecting her by passing on to her the antibodies my body was making to fight the infection in me. The way God designed the human body is absolutely breathtaking and so, so cool.